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We invite you to explore the decades behind the "Decades of College Dreams."

The AVID Archives Website is the online portal to the AVID Archives. Here you'll find Archives highlights, photo galleries, lesson plans, web exhibits, student resources and a narrative of AVID's history.

The mission of the AVID Archives is to preserve and make accessible records documenting AVID's origins and development in order to accurately and permanently communicate the AVID story. The Archives is continuously expanding as new materials are added to the collection.

Special Exhibit: The First AVID Summer Institute

Each month the Archives will feature web exhibits of AVID's rich history, drawing from material in the AVID Archives Library. Check back frequently!

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Archives at the 2010 Summer Institute

In celebration of AVID's 30th Anniversary, participants at this year's Summer Institute, "A Tradition of Innovation, A Future of Transformation" will enjoy:

  • An Archives Cafe with computers for participants to explore the Archives
  • Thirty commemorative display boards featuring AVID program development, highlights and innovations.
  • A commemorative yearbook profiling AVID students from three decades and featuring photos from the Archives.
  • A luncheon program featuring narrtion and photos from the Archives.