Lesson Plan:

What Makes a Successful AVID Student?


Students will evaluate their own path to success after learning about the characteristics of successful AVID students by watching inspiring videos of former AVID students as they discuss the barriers they faced, how they overcame them and their future goals. This lesson may be used with…

Grade Level:

High School

Materials and Preparation:

Suggested Procedure:

  • Opening discussion: What traits do you think make a successful AVID student? Watch 1 (or more) of the videos clips and have students fill out Speaker Video Notes.
  • Go over handout with students and have them discuss their impressions of the speakers.
  • Have students fill out My Goals for Success (modeled after Jonathan Grant Brown's speech).
  • Teachers may allow students to share out their goals or continue to the next step.
  • Have students evaluate barriers to the goals listed on their My Goals For Success handout by filling out the Assessing My Barriers handout. Students may share their answers with the class.