Lesson Plan:


What's So Great About Cornell Notes?



Students will learn the origin of Cornell Notes and the importance of fidelity to the model and will evaluate their own note‐taking skills.

Grade Level:

Grades 6-12

Materials and Preparation:

Resources Used:

  • Walter Pauk, How to Study in College, Fourth Edition.
  • "Forgetting curve". Encyclopedia of Psychology. FindArticles.com. 01 Jun, 2010. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_g2699/is_0001/ai_2699000135/
  • AVID Archives Database

Suggested Procedure:

    1. 6. Assessment:

      a. Students Quickwrite - How can you improve your note‐taking and what do you already do well?


      b. For deeper analysis, have students evaluate their own note‐taking based on both their physical notes (what they look like on paper) and their note‐taking process (ie. Do their sit in the front of the class, avoid distractions like talkative friends?).